Road Accidents

20 February, 2013

What injuries from road accidents can I claim for?

Any driver, passenger or pedestrian can claim compensation for injuries they received in a road traffic accident provided that:

  • The accident was not the victim’s fault.
  • The victim received medical treatment as a result of the injuries.
  • The claim is started within three years of the date of the accident.

My injuries didn’t show up until a few days after the accident

This is often the case with whiplash and concussion, which are the commonest injuries resulting from road accidents. There can be a delayed reaction. Whiplash can be difficult to diagnose and concussion may sometimes have unforeseen complications. This is why it is important to see your GP after an accident in car, even if you think you walked away unscathed. It may be that you need continuing treatment. It may be you are signed off work for a few days or longer. Unfortunately, what seemed like a simple accident turns into an on-going saga for some people, and as their injuries persist, they suffer loss of income and added expenses from getting private treatment, domestic support and in some cases childcare costs. Your initial medical report is important in recording the start of your problems.

What other information do I need?

Every driver in the UK is required to have valid motor insurance. The insurance company of the driver who was at fault meets the costs of the personal injury claims and the replacement or repair of vehicles.

If you were a driver in a road accident you should:

  • Exchange details with the other drivers involved
  • Inform your own insurance company as soon as possible
  • Obtain a copy of the police report (if applicable). Accidents in which people were injured must by law be reported to the police.
  • Take your own notes and take photos at the scene
  • Ask any witnesses if they would be prepared to give a statement and take their contact details.
  • This information is what your claims solicitor needs to prepare your case.

How do I start my claim?

Claim4 make it easy for you to claim. We specialise in road accidents and can guide you through the process. Go to our compensation calculator (at the top of the page) and see how much compensation you could get. Most cases are settled quickly and out of court, and the majority of claimants do it all online. So get started now and put in your claim for the compensation you need and deserve to get back on track.