Other Accidents

20 February, 2013

Personal injury compensation claims: who claims for what?

Claim4 specialises in claims expertise for work accidents, road accidents, clinical negligence and other accidents, so what exactly is covered by “other accidents”? Under British law, any individual injured in an accident that was not their fault, that is to say, the accident was some-one else’s fault, can put in a claim for compensation. So any other accidents which are not say, road accidents or work accidents, can be the subject of a claim.

Slips, trips and falls

These accidents are very common and unfortunately, gravity is harsh. It’s so easy slip on a wet floor or trip over a broken kerbstone. Loose paving stones are lethal because if they wobble and shift, a person doesn’t always see the raised edge, trips on it and goes flying. The most usual injury from this kind of fall is a sprained or broken wrist, because instinct makes us put out our hands to break the fall, but actually this is not a good thing to do. Harder falls can result in broken collar bones and broken arms. A fall from a horse or a bike can cause whiplash. The older a person is, the more severe can be the resulting injuries, but whatever your age, a broken wrist can keep you off work for a while and be very inconvenient.

Who is liable for my fall?

The claimant needs to establish whoever is responsible for maintaining the site or location where the accident took place. Examples include:

  • A public building, such as a library, school or sports centre for which a local authority or other legal body is responsible.
  • Public places, town centres, pavements and streets which are in most cases the responsibility of the local authority
  • Rented domestic or business accommodation for which the landlord is responsible for certain safety features in the property.
  • The owners of a private property, building, shopping mall or supermarket, which is used like a public space but privately owned.

More examples of other accidents

  • Slips, trips and falls in a marina or boating yard, such as falling between the static jetty and the moving boat when trying to board or leave.
  • Getting a severe electric shock from a faulty product you just purchased, or being burned or injured from substandard, cheap imported fireworks.
  • Tripping over a carelessly laid cable in the office, workshop or at a public event such as a music festival or agricultural show.
  • These are only examples. We all have to take care to avoid unnecessary accidents. Did you know the most dangerous thing in your home is your staircase?

Start your claim

Claim4 specialises in all kinds of accidents and can tell you whether your claim is valid. Our compensation calculator can tell you how much compensation you might get. The majority of claimants do it all online and if at all possible, we’ll keep you out of court. If your claim is accepted, the offer letter will come through and if it’s all okay you could soon have that compensation payment in your hand.